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Healing Pedicure Protocol - A Deeper Perspective

Objective: Focus on deeper connections: person to person, culture to culture, and across time with a goal of enhancing health and well-being.

What does this mean?

When someone comes in for a pedicure, they are in a sense laying their soul bare to you.  Often people don’t come in for a pedicure because they think their feet should look nice when they come in! If we have less than perfect feet, we fear to be judged as less than perfect people.

So, you have a wonderful opportunity. We believe that honesty and empathy are important in both our products and our philosophy, and that most pedicurists are truly healers and nurturers. Clients come in wanting their feet to “look” beautiful, but beauty is a very small part of what a pedicurist can accomplish.

Gilden Tree products are based on trust and balance. We don’t go to a lab to develop the newest miracle ingredient. We look around us and find ingredients that people have used over a long period of time, simply because experience has shown a real benefit.

Common experience is often later validated by science, with active ingredients defined and purified. But we believe that complex trace elements may play an important role in why an ingredient works, and try to use more complete forms of ingredients.
How can I prepare myself to meet the deeper needs of my client?
I like to draw a parallel between a pedicure and the Japanese Tea Ceremony, called Chanoyu.
In Chanoyu, essentially a host will invite a guest or guests to come and drink tea.
The host prepares in advance, creating a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere that promotes simplicity and harmony. He or she assembles the cups and utensils to be used, paying careful attention to how they all work together. The tea is simple but very pure and carefully prepared.
When guests arrive, they are graciously welcomed, and tea is prepared and served with special rituals which are savored. These rituals help guests to forget worldly cares and live fully in the moment. When the Chanoyu is over the guests thank the host and go back into the world spiritually recharged.
A Pedicure is much the same. You prepare a place which is peaceful and tranquil. You assemble products and utensils you will need ahead of time, and you graciously welcome your client when they arrive, hopefully offering a hot beverage like tea or mineral water.

Your focus during the pedicure is completely on your client, allowing them to forget worldly cares and fully enjoy the treatments. When they leave, they are physically and emotionally changed.

Anyone can put product on someone’s feet, turn on a footbath, and handle a bottle of nail polish, and for some that is enough. For most pedicurists though, soaking feet, removing dry skin and calluses, massaging and moisturizing is a process that allows them to start healing and promote well-being, as well as creating more beautiful feet.

Applying the Chanoyu principles:
Prepare the area in advance. Think harmony, simplicity and serenity. Be sure that your products are simply, practically and pleasingly arranged. Clear your mind when your client arrives, and offer him or her tea or mineral water. Be accepting of imperfections and positive in your outlook. As you begin, explain that your goal is to increase your client’s overall sense of well-being, and that to do so, you’ll be explaining what you’re doing and how each product you use benefits him/her. 

When the pedicure is complete, make recommendations only if needed, for products that will help them continue on the path of healthier feet.
If possible, the products to be used should be prepared in a visually pleasing way, and brought in with a flourish. A simple and inexpensive solution is to use a “sushi” tray and condiment dishes. They are usually simple and beautiful, and the condiment dishes hold correct amounts of product.

Making Retail Recommendations:

Your clients trust your judgment, knowing that you’ve done all the research and tried many products. Recommending products they don’t need or that are ineffective weakens that trust, while recommending a product that will truly help them strengthens it. Please contact us if you have any questions at all about what would be most helpful in any situation.
The Healing Pedicure Protocol

Gilden Tree’s products are very highly concentrated and you will need less per pedicure than other products. For each pedicure you will need:

Soak: ½ oz. / 1 Tbsp
Scrub: ½ tsp per foot
Shea Butter: 1/4 tsp per foot
Lotion: ½ tsp per foot & leg
Foot Cream: 1/8 tsp if “heel treatment”, ½ tsp if used instead of lotion
Steps to follow:

Step 1: Inspect client’s feet and do initial interview.

Step 2: Lay a clean towel in the bottom of footbath, and add warmed stones. Add warm water and 1 scoop (1 Tbsp.) of Spa Soak. Swirl water to dissolve and let client soak for 10 minutes

Step 3: Remove right foot and dry well.

Step 4: Remove polish, clip and file toe nails, clean around cuticles, smooth calluses, return foot to footbath and repeat with left foot.

Step 5: Wet right leg and foot, then apply ½ tsp of the Foot Scrub to the bottom of the right foot and work up the leg, using a circular motion. Wrap foot in a warm towel and let rest outside of footbath, while you do the same with the left foot and leg.

Step 6: Remove towel, using it to remove most of the scrub, pumice and dirt. Rinse off any remaining scrub and dry well. Repeat with left foot.

Step 7: Apply 1/4 tsp of Shea Butter to the entire right foot. Wrap foot with a hot towel and cover with a second dry towel, or a heated bootie. Repeat for left foot.

Step 8: Using heated stones, massage right leg with Body Lotion, or Foot Cream. (Foot Cream is excellent for deep tissue massage.) Remove hot towel once you reach the foot and massage well. Repeat with left leg and foot.
step 9: Clean off nail plate with acetone and apply Bond-Aid and base coat to all toes.

Step 10: Apply a very small amount of foot cream to both heals, and then work into entire sole of foot.

Step 11: Apply nail polish and finish with a topcoat.