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Basic Healing Manicure Protocol

*Sanitize both hands with alcohol.

*Remove nail polish.

*Shape free edge of each nail with a soft file.

*Apply cuticle remover to all cuticles and clean around each nail with an orangewood stick.

*Apply ½ tsp Exfoliating Scrub to hand and lower arms and rub in circular motions to remove dry skin.

*Cover both arms with a hot towel and gently wipe arms and hands clean. If needed, use a warm damp cloth to remove any remaining scrub particles. (Scrub is a cream base - not a soap base, and need not be completely removed.)

*Apply one pump of Gilden Tree body lotion to right arm and hand, massage well.

*Repeat lotion and massage to left hand and arm.

*Apply a very small amount (1/4 tsp. ) of Gilden Tree Shea butter to each hand.

*Cover each hand with a plastic bag and a warm mitt for three minutes.

*Remove right hand from mitt and bag, massage hand to work shea butter into the hand and up the arm.

*Repeat to left hand.

*Wipe any excess shea butter from hands with a clean dry towel.

*If client will not be wearing polish, use a 4-sided buffer to bring a smooth natural shine to nails.

*If client will be wearing polish: Clean off each nail plate with acetone. Apply Bond-aid to each nail. Apply a thin base coat. Apply two thin coats of nail polish. Apply a top coat.