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We've worked with spas and resorts for over 25 years.  We know that an investment in a Gilden Tree robe, gown or blanket is smart for any spa. If you'd like to see how we can help your spa, please email us at [email protected], or contact us toll-free at 888-445-3368.  Below are some questions we often hear, but if you need additional help, please don't hesitate to contact us!

What sizes are your waffle weave robes? Do you have dimensions?
Please click here for our Robe Size Chart and our Wrap Size Chart.
Are your robes and gowns one size fits all?
No, our robes come in S/M, L, XL (Tall) and XXL.  Kimono style waffle weave spa robes are very generously oversized and most spas use primarily S/M and Large sizes.  Shawl collar waffle weave robes are sized more traditionally.
Our gowns come in Regular (Women's size 6-12) and Full-figured (Women's size 18-3X).  Velour gowns are also available in an XSM size (Women's Size 0-4.)  Gowns close with a row of snaps so they are adjustable. 
Why are your Velour Robes / Bath Wraps called the Gold Standard of Spa Wraps? Our spa customers love our velour wraps not just for their comfort and beauty, but also because they last so long! Read more about our Velour Shower Wrap / Bath Wraps, and find out if they're right for you.

Can you have my logo embroidered on robes and gowns?
Yes we can. We offer high-quality custom embroidery at reasonable prices on most textile items. Just call us toll-free at 888-445-3368, or email us at [email protected], and we'll send you our Embroidery Guidelines.
Are your robes and gowns 100% Cotton?  Will they shrink like cotton waffle weave bath towels? 
No, our robes and gowns are a blend of Polyester and Cotton that's much thicker and softer than many waffle weave robes, and will only shrink minimally over time.
How well do your robes and gowns hold up?  
Many spas use our robes and gowns for three years or more.  All seams are double sewn for extra durability.
What colors are the robes and gowns available in?  
Waffle Weave items are available in White and Natural (Cream).  Terry Velour Robes are only available in White.  Our Velour Spa Gown/ Bath Wraps are available in our classic Cream and a range of new, jewel tones.
Are there matching headbands and slippers for the robes and gowns?  
We offer matching headbands in waffle weave and velour, designed especially for spa use.  They're 5" wide in the back, to tuck in short and medium length hair, but only 2.5" wide in the front, where they close with velcro, so they don't crush a guest's hair down.  They're extremely comfortable.  We have limited availability of white waffle weave slippers in one size.
How can I wash the Robes and Gowns?
Almost every item can be pre-treated for stains, and then warm water washed and tumble dried low.  Read more in our Spa Laundering Guide.
Can you wash slippers?
Yes, they are washable, but we recommend cold water wash and then air drying them. The heat of the dryer is very hard on the vinyl base, and you may see "curling" of the slippers when they are dried in a dryer.
How long do the Spa robes and gowns take to dry?
Because they're made of a flat weave, our waffle weave Spa robes and gowns dry in about 20-25 minutes, with no lint. Our velour gowns take about 20 minutes. Our Cotton Velour robes take quite a bit longer and it depends on the heat and how many robes are in the dryer. Normally expect at least 40 minutes. 

How much will the robes and gowns shrink?
Over time, Our Cotton/Poly blend Waffle Weave items (gowns, kimono and Shawl-style robes) will shrink very little : 2-3%. 100% Cotton items (waffle weave towels, blankets) will shrink up to 12%, but are very oversized to allow for this. Our Cotton/Poly Velour items (gowns) will shrink hardly at all, and our 100% Cotton Velour items (notched-collar robes) will shrink 3-4%.
Can you use the Foot Scrubber in Spa Treatments?
Yes. Read more about it on our Foot Scrubber Protocol page. Foot Scrubber Protocols
Can you sanitize the Foot Scrubber?
A Foot Scrubber can be put through an autoclave, or soak in a sanitizing solution such as Barbicide.
Can your blankets or bath sheets be used for a facial or massage table?
Our blankets and bath sheets are wonderful for massage - light but warm, and machine washable. Because they are 100% cotton, after washing and drying, they will shrink to form "honeycombs" that trap little pockets of air. That's what makes them so cozy. We do recommend that you use them on top of clients, rather than as a base sheet, as the waffle pattern will be imprinted on your client's skin. Many aestheticians also like our Waffle Weave Bath Sheets for their facial tables, which are just a little narrower.
Can I use your blankets for the clients who are getting waxed?
On top to keep someone warm, they're fine. We've found that the waffle impressions left on client's skin make waxing more difficult - so we do not recommend them as a table cover for waxing.
How can I use Gilden Tree products in professional treatments?
We've created a  Healing Manicure Protocol and a Healing Pedicure Protocol.
Can I use Gilden Tree products on my Diabetic guests?
Yes, many products are safe to use on Diabetics. Read Gilden Tee & Diabetics: A Guide.

Where can I get Material Safety Data Sheets?
Click here to get to a page that has all our MSDS sheets as pdfs you an download.