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Thinking of Custom Embroidery?  

Custom embroidery is a classic way to promote your brand and create a cohesive environment. Embroidery is available on several different items: robes, wraps, blankets and towels.

We are happy to provide you with information for a local embroidery company that does excellent work at reasonable prices - Omaha Galls Embroidery. We've worked with Galls for years and they have our fabric  on hand, so your "proof" will be on the actual fabric of the item you've chosen. 

Here's the Process:

Step 1:
Decide which items you would like to have embroidered.  Then contact Myra at Omaha Galls Embroidery, 402-341-8790. Let her know the item you're interested in.  

You will also need to provide her with a high-quality logo. Galls will try to match your logo colors with their wide array of thread colors.

She will get your logo ready for embroidery by digitizing it.  She will also give you a price for embroidery (costs vary based on the complexity, density, and size of the logo, as well as number of items being embroidered) and turnaround time, based on when they receive proof approval from you.

Omaha Galls has a one-time fee for digitizing your logo and preparing your sewout.

Step 2:  
After your logo has been digitized, you will receive a photo "sewout proof" of the embroidery from Galls.  You may pay to have an actual physical sewout proof on a fabric swatch shipped to you if you prefer.

Step 3:  
Once you've approved the sewout with Galls, you'll place your order with us, Gilden Tree and will pay us the cost of the products at that time. 
You can order by phone at 888-445-3368, by fax at 402-339-8826 or online. If ordering by phone or fax, be sure to let us know you are wanting embroidery, so we know to send your order to Galls for embroidery. If you order online, be sure to enter promo code EMBROIDERY at checkout. We do not charge you for delivering your order to Galls.

Step 4: 
Galls will embroider your items and ship them directly to you. You will need to pay Galls for embroidery and shipping. 

Good to Know Information:  

  • Customers doing frequent embroidery may wish to apply for Net 30 Days Terms with Galls.  All other orders must be paid via credit card.
  • On robes, embroidery is traditionally placed on the left chest about 6" below the shoulder.  A newer placement is on the back of the robe, centered about 6" below the collar.  
  • On Modern Design towels, embroidery is most often centered about 6" from the bottom of the towel.  On Classic towels, embroidery is typically centered in the middle of the towel, 7" up from the bottom of the towel. 
  • On spa wraps, embroidery is typically on the left chest.  Alternate placement is bottom left.
  • On blankets, embroidery can be on the bottom right corner at an angle, so it shows when the blanket is folded. An alternate placement is 6" above the bottom hem, centered along the bottom edge.