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How Do I Make Changes to My Account?


Every website is set up just a bit differently and it can be daunting to do something as simple as changing your billing address.  That's why we've create a list of commonly performed tasks to help make it easier for you.

#1. Accessing my Account Information

Once you've logged in, you'll see the word Account at the top right of the page.  Click on Account.  You'll see a dropdown menu with My Account and My Orders

To see your current account information, click on My Account.  To see what you've ordered in the past, click on My Orders.

#2. Changing My Shipping or Billing Address

There are two ways to change your address.  You can change it while in the shopping cart, or you can go into My Account, and scroll down to Your Address Book.  If you just need to make a slight change to your existing address, click on the   green Edit Address link.  

If you want to add or remove an address altogether, click on the gray box beneath the address   Add Another Billing Address/Add Another Shipping Address.

Your Address Book will open up and you'll see the addresses in a list down the middle of the page.  At the left is a green check circle, an edit image and a red x.  The address with the green check is your primary address.    The edit button lets you change parts of this address.  The X deletes this address altogether.

To add a new address, click on the green plus button link Add New Shipping Address that's just above the green Back To Account button.  When you're done, just click on the back to account button, or you can just go directly to Shop Now button in the top navigation.

#3. Updating My Credit Card Information

You can only update your credit card information in the shopping cart when you are actually placing your order.  We don't store your credit card information on our site for your security.