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Stocking Stuffers & Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Need a little something to tuck into that special
 stocking, or looking for inexpensive Secret Santa Gift Ideas?  We've got them - and they're so cute you'll want to get one for everyone!   

Mini Custom Footcare Bags

Here's how it works:  

1.  Choose a travel size (1 oz.) jar of Nourishing Foot Cream, 95% Shea Butter Balm, Exfoliating Foot Scrub or Revitalizing Foot Soak Crystals.

2.  Choose a  fabric drawstring bag in satin, velvet, muslin or burlap (burlap is tied with a ribbon.) 

3. That's it.  We'll put them together for you, all ready to tuck it in a stocking, tie it on the tree, or decorate your tabletop with them at each place settings as chic little name tags or take home gifts.   

Our bags are available in four different design styles, so you can match your bags to your decor.

Style #1: Glitz and Glam -  Silver, Bronze, Sparkly Gold and Platinum bags.  

Style #2: Farmhouse Chic - Muslin, Burlap (with red ribbon), Toffee , Red bags.

Style #3: Fun & Trendy - Turquoise, Purple, Lime and Hot Pink

Style #4: Classic Holiday - Red, Green, Blue and Ivory

Why do we love these little bags?

There's a hundred different ways to use them, beyond stocking stuffers and secret santa gifts:

Add a little tag and use them as place cards at your holiday dinner party.  You can match them to your decor and give one to each guest as a little holiday souvenir!

Or use them as Welcome Gifts for overnight guests, when you take them a breakfast tray!

Pretty Sparkly Gold bags add a festive, yet sophisticated note as a place card:

Or let them add a little shine to your mantle!

Because they're small, they won't weigh down the branches of your tree, but they're a fun little gift to "find" on Christmas morning!

The best thing is that with every lovely little gift of a cream, scrub, balm or soak crystals, you'll also give a bag they'll keep and reuse!