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Welcome! Whether you're visiting us for the first time visitor or an old friend, this is a great place to learn more about Gilden Tree. We've gathered news features, great fresh home spa recipes and home spa party ideas, as well as product tips, articles and how-to videos.

Do you have a great home spa recipe or a great home spa party idea? Share it with us, and we may post it on our  Home Spa Recipes  or Home Spa Party page.  

We also get serious about ingredients, our commitment to the environment and to social justice - who we're helping and what you can do. We hope you'll enjoy spending a little time getting to know us! 

Want a little more personal view of Gilden Tree or the latest news?  Check out Ann's Blog.

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 Why Ingredients Matter
Learn more about our natural "palette" of ingredients.

Home Spa Parties
How-to info & fun themes.        Plus our Home Spa Party Album!

Natural Cotton
What is Natural Cotton? Why is
it different from regular Cotton?



Our Eco-Partners and our Environmental Policies
 Our commitment to the environment & our Eco-Partners.

What do your feet need?
Take our quick quiz to find out what your feet really need.

Fresh Home Spa Recipes
Easy home spa treatment recipes using fresh, seasonal ingredients.




Helping Others
Fair trade and our commitment to social justice: how you can help.

In the News & on TV
    Articles & videos about us and    our Virtual Press Room.

 Bright Ideas!
Fun and easy ways to do more
with your waffle weave!

Buttons, Buttons...
What do the buttons mean?
  Info for Diabetics; and Gluten-free products
Monthly Articles
from Gilden Tree