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How to Host a Zoom Home Spa Party During Quarantine

Feeling a bit at loose ends while you're staying home?  Now more than ever - we need to connect with friends and we need good self-care! 

Now you can do both with a Zoom Home Spa Party. Zoom meetings are great - but can be a little awkward.  Having a purpose and reason to get together can help make it less so.  

Use Zoom, Google Hangouts or whatever videoconferencing software you like.  They're all pretty easy.  Click here to learn how to host a Zoom video meeting. (That's what we've been using the most.)

First things first:

Limit guests to yourself and 4-5 other people.  More than that becomes difficult to see and hear.  Remind guests to choose a quiet,  comfortable spot with good lighting and to gather supplies before you start.

Be sure to add our list of suggested equipment and product options to your invitation email.  We've included lots of choices, including things almost everyone has at home.

Equipment needed:

  • tub or large bowl for soaking feet
  • warm water for soaking
  • 3-4 hand towels
  • several small bowls to hold ingredients
  • nail file and clippers
  • nail polish and remover
  • Foot Scrubber or pumice stone
  • 2 plastic bags or cling wrap
  • tray or basket to hold everything
  • Snacks and beverages

Product Options (Place each element in a small bowl to make it easy to use.)

  • SOAK:  4 Tbsp Foot Soaks, Epsom Salts, Baking Soda or Regular Salt (Add essential oil, a few drops of perfume or scent if you like.)
  • SCRUB:   1 Tbsp foot or body scrub, lotion or olive oil with sugar or salt (ratio of 1 to 3) or  washcloth and soap
  • DEEP TREATMENT:  1/2 tsp Shea Butter, Coconut oil or Petrolatum
  • MOISTURIZING FINISH:  1 tsp Nourishing Foot Cream, or any good rich moisturizing cream



Step by Step Instructions:

One all guests have joined and you're sure every can be heard and seen, just follow the steps below, directing guests to do the same.

1. Add warm water and Soak choice  to tub.  Soak feet for at least 5 minutes.

2. One at a time, remove feet and scrub all over with Scrub choice.  

3. Use Foot Scrubber or pumice stone on especially dry areas.  Remove polish, clip and file nails.  Return feet to water to remove any remaining scrub.

4. Remove feet from water and move tub away.  Dry feet lightly and massage in  Deep Treatment choice onto heels, balls and nails. Take time to really savor the massage.

5. Cover feet with plastic bags or cling wrap and wrap with a towel.  Let feet rest for 5 minutes. 

6. Remove towels and bags and massage foot cream all over feet. Those who wish to can apply nail polish.

It's a lovely way to do something kind for yourself while getting some much-needed time with friends.




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