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How to Clean Your Foot Scrubber or Body Buffer

Our terra cotta tools last practically forever, because they're fired in a kiln.  Normally, they stay pretty clean between uses, especially if you rinse them well after you use them, because unlike a pumice stone, the rough texture is just on the surface.

We recommend using liquid soap, shower gel or shampoo with your terra-cotta tool, instead of bar soap, which gets lodged in the pumicey and ribbed textures.  If you have soap buildup already, simply use a nail brush and plenty of water to remove the soap.

For daily care, simply rinse after use and use a nail brush to remove any excess buildup.  Let dry and store in a dry area.

If your Foot Scrubber gets really bad, or gets moldy, brush it using a nail brush on any cracks or openings to remove buildup, and then soak it in a cup of water to which you've added a tablespoon of bleach for an hour or two.  Add a couple of drops of liquid soap, and then brush again.  Rinse well and let dry.  If it was moldy, a couple hours in direct sunlight can help, too.

Foot Scrubbers, Scrubbies, Fish Foot Scrubbers and Body Buffers can also safely be processed through an autoclave and are even dishwasher safe. Using barbicide will darken the terra-cotta but will not damage it in any other way.