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Choosing the Right Velour Bath Wrap / Spa Gown for your Salon or Spa

With all the different types of spa wraps available, why do we believe that our French Velour Spa Wraps are the right choice of bath wraps for your salon or spa?

Easy - because these Velour Wraps are soft, comfy and actually designed for use in spas.  We know that your guests come in all shapes and sizes and that it's very important for every guest feel comfortable, and just a little spoiled.  

Unlike bath wraps that close with velcro that collects hair and thread, our wraps close with a row of snaps, so our regular gowns should fit your guests size 6-16, just by choosing where they snap them shut.

But that still leaves out the guests who are very slender or full-figured.  For them, we've created new sizes: Extra-Small, fitting size 0 - 4, and Full-figured, fitting women 18 - 3X.  By offering these special sizes to the guests who need them, you create a truly respectful environment for every guest.  

Plus our bath wraps have a wide front overlap, so guests never need to worry about an embarrassing gap.

But aside from how they close, and the wide variety of sizes, what makes these stand out from other bath wraps or towel wraps?  After all, almost everyone has seen shower wraps at local stores.

The answer is our velvety soft French velour, and the superior construction. Our French Velour fabric is smooth on the inside, and velvety soft on the outside, so it's light but warm.  It's also not see through, so guests can feel at ease.  Every velour gown is sewn by a professional seamstress here in Omaha, Nebraska and will last through hundreds of washings.  It isn't uncommon for our Bath Wraps to last for several years.  

Most bath wraps take a long time to dry - just like a terry towel, but French Velour is lighter, and dries much more quickly.  Because they're 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester, they remain soft and nice for a very long time.

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